“Coronavirus is not an election”

'Coronavirus is not an election' a Nigerian instagram post announced on the 17th of April as it posted a picture with a counter of the number of cases and deaths in Nigeria. The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected individuals across the globe in different ways and in Nigeria politics plays out even as the country goes into lockdown. Instagram posts and Twitter feeds with hashtags like #Nigeria #CoronaVirusNigeria #TheLockdownNigeria document a range of citizen journalist commentaries on the experiences of social distancing and the impact these measures are having upon their daily life and the struggles they face. Nigerian artists have responded in their own ways, taking to digital spaces creating work that engages with the global effort to educate people in the effort to stay at home, personal hygene, or inversly to document namely through photography the lived experiences of Nigerians across the city as far as they are able to. Whilst mainstream media does it's part in Public Service Announcements (Effiong et al. 2020)