ArtoP Conference

The Art and Politics of COVID-19: Online Conference Panel 3

This panel African History in the time of Covid-19: Comics and Cartoons  during the Pandemic  focused upon comics in Nigeria, from three prominent Nigerian comics publishers and studios discussing  how  lock  down  and  Covid-19  has  impacted  upon  the  production  and  dissemination of comics. The first presentation by  Tunji  Anjorin from Panaramic  Studios, offered a perspective on the development of the industry and the focus of Panaramic studios on narratives and heroes and heroines from local histories of Nigeria. It highlighted how the comic industry had geared itself to online distribution which accelerated in the Covid Pandemic. 

Peter Chizoba Daniel considered the development of specifically Nigerian superheroes at PEDA entertainment and how in the COVID time superheroes mobilised against it. The presentation argued for the importance and need to decolonise comics to offer local superheroes. 

The last presentation in this comics focused panel was by Onibudo Oluwaseyi from Comicwox, highlighting the major digital platform for dissemination of Nigerian comics and animation around the world. The general discussion of these three presentations highlighted the importance of memory of local cultures and narratives within Nigeria. Its importance also in offering affirmation to Nigerian and diasporic children as part of the educational process of decolonisation.