Building a personal archive: Book Bunk 

BookBunk Kenya
Photo of Kaloleni LIbrary from Book Bunk Online Bill Muganda

The Book Bunk Trust was set up in 2020 in Kenya to digitise "archives at the McMillan Memorial Library. A key element of the project was the preservation of the library’s photographic collection, ranging from the late 1800s to the early 1950s. This was necessitated by the accelerated deterioration of the photographic and newspaper collections housed at the library since the early 1900s." The trust has been running a number of different events focusing upon the preservation and digitisation of collections from different sites including the Kaloleni library.

"a branch of the McMillan Memorial Library. Situated next to the Kaloleni Social Hall (which served as Kenya’s first parliament building), this library is part of the rich history of Kaloleni, a neighbourhood built by Italian prisoners of war in the 1940s. Restoration of the library kicks off on 24th February 2020, and is supported by National Bank of Kenya and Dubai Cares." 
Book Bunk Online

With specialists like Chao Tayiana Maina, founder of the African Digital Heritage and research and inventory manager Syokau Mutonga leading on this project, the Book Bunk Trust has been uploading different educational videos about archival processes in particular this contribution 'How to build a personal archive".